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Why Buy from Rediscovered Garden?

Everyone is looking to add their own unique character to their garden and our furniture and accessories are like nothing else you’ll see on the net!  You will find stunning, beautiful and natural products that are sure to make your garden unique to you.
Teak and marble – very hardy materials! With the added benefit of being absolutely beautiful!
Our products are all sourced for their eco properties. The materials used, the process of making it and all other associated production techniques are all low tech and low impact. This means that in many cases we are using age-old techniques to produce our products keeping traditional skills alive and in all cases the environmental impact is much, much less than any mass-produced item.
We have been at this a while!! Since 1998 in fact, when we ordered our first batch of ox-cart furniture (reclaimed from old ox-carts). The cartwheel bench has been a firm favourite ever since.  We are still buying from the same suppliers! We have nurtured these relationships to ensure that you get the very best products and our suppliers and their workers are in a sustainable relationship giving stability to the wider community.
From the MD to the guys in the warehouse, we have been working together for years and have finely tuned our skills! We hope to bring you some interesting insights in our blog.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. Our furniture is unusual and sometimes requires that little bit extra but we always get happy customers!