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Ethical Policy

We believe that every individual involved in the process of supplying these products is important. We encourage safe and fair working practices for all involved in that process, be they crafts people in Asia or the delivery driver who comes to your door.
Our wholesale company Tripod Home Ltd have traded with the same suppliers that were with us when we started the business in 1998. We have worked hard to maintain a sustainable relationship with our suppliers and to therefore offer stable incomes for their workers and families.
The teak is from reclaimed sources, most obviously the back of the cart wheel bench is an original cart wheel. Fruitwoods are not tropical woods and are felled as an agricultural process where more are then planted. Our wood is not FSC yet but we are encouraging our suppliers to become registered. In the mean time we personally have seen the sources of the wood and are satisfied that they are genuinely recycled/sustainable.
The furniture comes with a bees wax finish applied and is a natural and low environmental impact finish.